Non-biding price calculation

Non-biding price calculation

Select items to be moved

Select one of the options:

Number of items that can be carried by two workers:
(cabinets, sofas, tables, etc.)

Number of items that can be carried by a single worker:
(suitcases, bags, boxes, small furniture, etc.)


Estimated time of transport within Bratislava:
(in minutes from loading to unloading)

Enter number of kilometres:
(from the point of loading to the place of unloading)

Elevator and floor:

Loading on a floor:

Loading elevator:

Unloading on a floor:

Unloading the elevator:


Packing items into bubble-wrap and strong cling-film

Number of small items to be packed:
(electronics, paintings, small furniture, etc.)

Number of large items to be packed:
(cabinets, tables, sofas, etc.)

Disassembly and assembly of furniture:

Number of pieces of furniture that require dismantling:


Removal to the collection yard: